Step into my portables…
The Patagonia Guidewater fly fishing vest geared up for fishing trout and grayling in mountain streams. A look at the most prominent items:
1. Tippet wallet with four different spools of tippet material. Rio fluorocarbon tippet material for nymphing and floating nylon for dry flying.
2. The ‘grey float’ is actually a nifty waste line holder for any discarded fishing line. I even use it to dispense of nylon other parties left in nature. It can hold an amazing amount of line on the inner coil.
3. Small pliers for unhooking dry flies.
4. A pouch of ‘Samadou’ on a Simms retractor. Samadou is the artificial version of the natural Amadou fungus used to quickly dry a fly. The material is a great and sustainable alternative to harvesting the natural fungus.
5. A C&F Design box of nymphs (holding over 300 nymphs).
6. An upside down bottle of line and fly floatant, kept in place within the elastic banding on the vest and retained by a Simms retractor.
7. A C&F Design box of dry flies (holding over 250 dry flies)..

Up close….
A more detailed look on the vessel’s suspension and such…
A. A Snowbee retractor holding a pair of nippers. The retractor itself clips in small opening in the cut pocket corner just below the bottom of the small curved zipper. Snowbee by the way makes one of the more versatile retractors available on the market today.
B. A Simms retractor (one of two on the vest) holding a small bottle of floatant that is retained upside down (always at the ready) in the elastic band on the vest.
C. A retracting coil that comes with the C&F Design fly boxes and clips on a stainless steel ring that hangs on a smart elastic band below the zipper of the large breast pocket (on both sides of the vest). Fly boxes are thus secured and still very easy to handle.
D. Another detailed view of that smart elastic band below the zipper of the large breast pocket holding a stainless steel ring that can be used to secure items. The stainless steel split rings do not come with the vest.
E. Another Snowbee retractor holding a pair of large and long pliers used to unhook large nymphs or nymphs that were accidentally swallowed deep in the fish its mouth.

All suspended items tuck away neatly in the many pockets the Patagonia Guidewater vest provides.
Just click on the pictures to see a larger view.