Ginkgo blad 2 The potent healing powers of a Gingko leaf in rust speckled steel – by Wim van Willegen

The fall of a leaf is a whisper to the living
I harbor this silent but ongoing admiration for my friend the artist Wim van Willegen. His steel sculptures incorporate the cut-out silhouettes of fragile leaves captured as negatives of nature with such potent positive energy. I blogged earlier on this small but significant collection of sculptures and I do so again. His last name suggests that he is of ‘the willow-family’, but his work just as readily sports leaves and branches and trunks taken from the broader family of deciduous trees. Always with such a delicate attention to detail, yet with a trained eye for what makes sculpture stand out.

Populier blad twee
An elegant popular leaf like a knife standing in solid steel – by Wim van Willegen